Saturday, December 8, 2007

Starting Point

Each four days is a new starting point. Today I would like to record the big picture and then get back to just focusing on accomplishing taking small winning steps.

I have scale the measure fat % and hydration and a tape measure. My current weight is 105.7kg and my fat% too high that I get an error reading on the scale. When I changed it to the male function it reads 49.1% at hydration level 36.9%. My waist measurement is 115cm.

I cannot remember Martha's advise about scales and measurements. I am sure I will find it again.

The goal for the next 4 Days:

1. Maintain a water intake of 8 glasses.
2. Increase activity levels.
3. Reduce my food intake by 100 calories.

I was tempted to go for more and then I remember the famine brain. While I have thinking about food and contemplating plans. It kicked in and I having eating ice-cream and chips etc.... The thoughts running in my brain was , tomorrow I will start again. I will just have this now because then I am going on a diet. This is the last time........ Last night I ate chips and I did not even enjoy it but I finished the packed anyway.

Typically I eat??
Breakfast cereal and milk (1-2 carbs and 1/2 diary portion)
sometimes a banana
Snack sometimes - cheese and provitas or nothing
Lunch sandwich (2 carbs , 1 protein, some fat)
Snack chips/ice-cream or both
Supper Pizza/burgher/pasta (4-6carbs, 2 protein, lots of fat)
Sometimes salad and 1 veggie serving
Snack 200ml low fat yoghurt (sometimes more)

Recommendation from the dietician is
5 carbs
5 protein (I think)
2 diary
3 fruit
3 veg
fat - I can't remember 1-2 ( lost the booklet)
comes to about 1500 calories

So my Plan
7 carbs
5 protein
3 diary
2 fruit
1 veg ( if I eat more great)
fat - keeps as low as possible - have two desserts a week (one full fat and one low fat)

Cutting 3 carbs and junk food should and increasing my protein.

Today - a home facial
2 - reflexology

3 - ??
4 - Feet pampering session (home foot spa)