Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weigh in #5

Well I am done another 0.5kg/1.1pounds.
Starting Weight: 111kg/244.7 lbs
Current Weight: 109kg/240.3 lbs Total loss so far: 2kg/4.4lbs
Target Weight: 65kg/143.3lbs

0.6lbs to go to reach my goal for this week - Before the end of this week I want to put up the 5lbs badge from the Healthy You 2008 Challenge.

What I am going to do to reach my goal?

I have working on and refining a plan.

This morning I started putting it into action.

I did a 25min visualisation exercise with SeeSlim CD
Exercise with Ann Crowther's Fitter Firmer Slimmer in 30 days DVD
I read a passage frm Robin Sieger's 42 Days to Wealth, Health and Happiness.
Drank 500ml (2 glasses of water)

The plan for the the rest of day:
6 more glasses of water
2 cups of coffee
cereal for breakfast
Lunch - I must still decide
Picnic supper - sandwiches with cold meat, salad and carrot sticks

For the next 3 days I want to complete the cycle of starting my morning with
2 glasses of water
20min exercise
25min visulisation
5min reading
5-10min planning/revising the days and menu.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Quote for the Week

"If you want the rainbow,
you've got to put up with the rain.”
—Dolly Parton

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Success is not a matter of luck

I have been playing around with preparing healthy meals and I trying to find a plan that works for me. I try to follow a low GI diet something that has been amazingly more difficult to here than in South Africa. South Africa to seems to be advanced in labeling food items according to their GI value.

What I have been struggling with is to work out a menu for a week that I can stick to. This week I took out two books from the library Joanna Hall's Drop a size GI diet and Robin Sieger 42 Days to wealth, health and happiness.

In the later book he makes a statement: success is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of design.

I think that this book will complement the 4 Day Win approach.

My goal for the next 4 Days is to prepare myself physical and mentally by:

1. Spending 20min reading the two books.
2. 20 min exercise
3. 6 glasses of water
4. 20 min planning

The next 4 days I will put my plan into action and apply the Watch self principle. I will observe myself and see how can I adapt my plan to suite my lifestyle better.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quote for the week

"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves. by Viktor E. Frankl

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weigh-in # 4

I am down 0.5kg/ 1.1 pounds - YAY. Total loss so far is 3.1lbs - I hope next week I can put up the 5lbs weightloss badge. Now weigh-in at 109.5kg/ 241.4 lbs.

Yesterday while walking, I did a lot of self-talk. I was really questioning my-self about what i really want. My weight is in my hands and I have the power to let go up, down or stay the same.

I wonder sometimes if dwelling on my weight is negative - really has not helped me lose any. At the same time ignoring it got me nowhere. My mother has always told me that I need to find a happy medium. Even though I don't really believe in star signs - I do seem to have the typical traits of Libra. Needing balance is one of them.

The song from High school Musical keeps playing in my head. Got cha head in the game. weighloss is not really a game but maybe if I look at in more playful manner it will be more mangable, fun and achievable - also it wont be overtaking my whole life. i know its just one part of my life. Its important but it does not define me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The heart of it

"How does one become a butterfly?
You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar." ~Trina Paulus

This quote has really struck me today. I wonder if I really want to lose weight. On concious level I know that I want to and need to. Most of the obstacles I have previously had to losing weight have been removed. I have the time to prepare meals and to exercise. I am exercising but that is abot all I am doing. And not always willingly.

Maintained my weight this past week 110kg.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weigh-in # 3

I have been exercsing as planned the water drinking has not gone as well as I planned.

I have lost 0.2kg/0.4lbs. I now weigh in at 110kg/242.2. Total loss of 1kg/2.2 pounds.

Really feel its time for me to step it up a gear and get more focused!!

Hopefully taking some reading everyones posts will help.

The important thing is that I am losing and I am making small positive changes. Just getting exercising again is a big step in the right direction.