Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weigh-in # 3

I have been exercsing as planned the water drinking has not gone as well as I planned.

I have lost 0.2kg/0.4lbs. I now weigh in at 110kg/242.2. Total loss of 1kg/2.2 pounds.

Really feel its time for me to step it up a gear and get more focused!!

Hopefully taking some reading everyones posts will help.

The important thing is that I am losing and I am making small positive changes. Just getting exercising again is a big step in the right direction.


dadivastreet said...

Congrats on the loss! You're definately headed in the right direction!

alwayswithme said...

I am glad you are heading downward. I hope my next weight reflects a downward slant also. I am walking, journaling my food and concentrating on my choices. Sounds like you have a plan and I wish you the best with it.

Koala said...

I think that the 4day win idea is a WONDERFUL idea!
It sounds like a great way to break up goals into manageable bits :D

And you are headed in a great direction! It looks like you're doing the right things for you.

Congrats on your losses so far, and keep it up!
You can do it :)

new*me said...

You got it! One day at a time, small steps until they become a way of life. Good luck along the journey :)

cjinspector said...

It is upbuilding, of real encouragement to learn of your outstanding goals. Please keep it up, don't stop in improving your life and those of others.
Although it may take only 4 days to understand the positive adjustments we need to make. It will certainly require more than that period to more fully accomplish your objectives. This is not bad news because there are positive qualities and traits we must put into practice each day.