Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3

660ml of water so far - plan to drink been a bit of a slow day.

Did 46min of Zumba Fitness DVD - really worked my abs.
Wore protection padding on my toes and corns that help my feet.

Eating did not go very well today and the night is not over and i feel soooooo tempted.

Had a slice of toast and an egg for breakfast
Lunch 1 slice of toast with butter, cappuccino and cheesecake
Supper - Melkkos with cinnamon sugar#
Snack - handful of nuts mix.
Cup of coffee

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2

I got up with a sore body and sore a sore ankle.
Ate another 100 calorie snack and a banana before I slept. As ususal mind in so focused on food but I am not going to let that depress me and give up.

Did 30 min. of exercise today 10 min of Callanethics and then staight into a 20min 1 Mile Walk DVD by Leslie Sansone. My daughter says she is getting boring.
So i think tomorrow i will do some walking on my own in the morning and a different exercise DVD with my daughter.
We also have the option of walking to school which is just over a mile for her which takes us 30min.

Had the shake for breakfast and Supper
Snack 1 - 219 calories Oats so easy with Milk
2 cups of coffee
Lunch 2 naan breads with a can of Taco Beans - I estimate that was about 450 calories.
Also had a glass of fruit juice.

Concerned about my 5 fruit and veg. Got to have a big salad with my food tomorrow.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Walked 5 miles today


I am still around and I have not given up.

I have drunk 2l of water today and did Leslie Sanson 5 mile Fat Burn Walk.
Managed to do the Boost for 2 of 5 miles - YAY.

Had a slim fast cafe latte shake for breakfast
1granola bar (100 calories) for a snack
2 cups of coffee with sugar and milk like I normally do (when I plateau I will cut down the sugar or just cut out the sugar)
For lunch I had cheese omelette with two slices of toast - I esitmate that it was about 600 calories
for supper I am having another Slim Fast Shake

Hoping to keep this up for 5 days as a Jump Start of sorts.