Tuesday, December 25, 2007



I am back and in the little while I was gone I manage to pick up 2 kg. And so this year ends the same as every year has for last 7 years. I weigh more instead of less.

Well technically the year is not over yet I have 7 days before the year end. But I am not going to go into panic mode and try to starve myself or detox. For the next 4 days I want to re-establish the gains I made in exercise, water drinking and cut out the cold drinks, find my inner (thinner peace) through visualization. The I should be ready for a 1-3 day detox - starting the New Year on a fresh and positive note.

Last night I wrote down the following New Year Resolutions - I joined a swap that says its a tradition to write it down but necessarily to keep.

5 things you would like to change in the new year [resolutions]

  1. Make healthy decisions on a regular basis. One tool I plan to use to help me is the 4 Day Win by Matha Beck. I have started a blog .
  2. Have more sex with my husband. ( I was very sick this past year and this is the area in our relationship that suffered the most.
  3. Become more spiritual as a family.
  4. Make our a home place where not only enjoy living, but also feel proud of when people visit.
  5. Start dancing again (Belly Dance, Spiritual dance, just dance). Any dance, maybe even learn a new one.

5 things you would like to accomplish [goals]

  1. Lose 1 kg (2.2 pounds) a week for the next 10 months ie. Weight 65kg at end of October 2008.
  2. Climb up Helderberg Mountain – to First peak.
  3. Pay off my credit card by the end the year and reduce my debt. I want to be debt free in 18 months.
  4. Travel out of South Africa either to another country on the continent e.g. Namibia, Northern Botswana and or Victoria Falls or move to Ireland (a possibility).
  5. Learn a new skill e.g. HTML or Photoshop or sewing or………….