Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cycle 3 Day 3 and 4

I am reading the 24 Hour Dayt by Joanna Hall. I enjoyed her exercise DVD. I tried to find some of the stuff she spoke at the Health food shop. The lady there suggested that I should just eat raw fruits and vegetables for 3 days - for a good cleanse and a kick start to my diet.

She also recommend drinking up to 5 glasses of water with flax/linseed for a colonic cleanse and sleeping with a charcoal and linseed paste around my waist to draw out the toxins.

I am contemplating doing this.

Day 3

Had a rest from exercise
Drank the required water

Ate too much chocolate

Day 4

Went to the gym for the first this year ! Exercise for 40min - 10min on bike, 5min on the treadmill and then did the circuit and some free weights.

Water is becoming a good water and I am starting to drink it without effort.

My eating has gone well today.