Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Yesterday I did a 3km hike. Made the mistake of taking chips with me. Bought coke afterwards and ate chocolate. Everything I ate negated the good exercise I did. But instead of going on and beating myself up and getting really upset and I remember to think about my Watcher and rather observe my behavior.

I started eating yesterday in car out of boredom. I only had unhealthy choices in the car. I got tired of drinking water and I associate coke with race walking and running. By the time I got home everything that healthy seemed unappetizing, I wanted something with rich cream. I had made truffles but they did not seem to satisfy my need so I continued to nibble.

One the thoughts that did pop into my head was that if I just have a good meal I will stop snacking. So I finally ate 2 weetbix cause that was the quickest thing I could do. I did stop snacking after that.

"Hunger is the biggest diet-killer of all. Hunger undermines ALL your good intentions and leads to bingeing, guilt and weight gain. Ironically, a full stomach makes weight loss easier." from Anne Collin's weightloss tips.