Sunday, January 20, 2008

4 Day Life Plan

Okay so I had a successful 4 days and then I lost it again for the past two days. Today I decided that I need a Life Plan and reward calendar. A visual reminder in the morning of the PLAN for the day and something to "tick off" at the end of the day.

Thinking about and doing lists reminded me of how I felt when I was studying. I felt a great accomplishment every time I ticked off an area I completed studying. I am in the process deciding what would be the most effective, motivation and yet simple calendar.

I tried an online goal tool once but it did not work well for me. I am thinking something with a positive affirmation and a simple key to tick. I can stick it up in my home office next to my computer.

I am off to do a 30min aerobic workout with the Joanna Hall DVD and then I will continue on my calendar design.


Hanlie said...

Hi Mrs C, enjoy your workout! I think one of the hardest aspects of weight loss is actually finding an approach that is right for YOU. Good luck!

Victoria's Place said...

Hi Mrs. C

I am a teacher candidate and I see you are a teacher. What grades/subjects do you teach?

Good for you for exercising! Best of luck in the Healthy You Challenge and have a great week!

Cammy said...

I use a small cheapo weekly at-a-glance calendar (spiral binding, with the full week in view if it's open flat.) Each day, I write in my exercise accomplished, plus any significant side effects. :) I love being able to page back through it and see how much work I've accomplished.

Have a great week!

Lauren said...

have fun with the workout. I just got a free calendar from someplace in town (they are big on those. I highlight every day that I'm on plan foodwise and I put a sticker for every day that I exercise, and I put a musical note for the days I practice music.

Sharon said...

Got your link through the Swap-Bot homepage swap. I can truly relate to the weight loss issues! It's been what feels like a life-long struggle! Of course, I look at pictures of myself in high school (when I THOUGHT I was heavy) and only wish I was that heavy now! Sigh...

Bought one of those exercise balls, fully planning to try some exercising. It makes a great foot rest! Yes, I REALLY WILL get it out and actually exercise. Soon!