Friday, January 4, 2008


Today I started reading the 4 Day Win Book again. I needed to check-in. Getting back on track is difficult when you still have visitors in the house and an irregular schedule.
Next week I will need to start preparing for work, lesson plans etc...... then school starts.

My goal for tonight is to get into bed by 10:30pm. I have going to bed between 12pm and 3am. Nobody's fault. Its become a bad habit. It started with just wanted to complete a book I was reading. Then not being able to calm down - too excited. And well the list goes on.
I tried some "sleep" spray my mom gave me and taking Melatonin (something I bought last year after listening to a talk and then stopped using cause I was afraid it may make me depressed). Neither have really worked.

I have read a lot that a good nights sleep aids weigtloss. I think part of it is that you feel less stress and don't need to use food to keep you awake during the day.