Friday, January 25, 2008

Food Allergy

I had blood tests done as part of an investigation about my hearing loss. In the process I have discovered that I am allergic to nuts.

This past month I have been eating more nuts than I normally do. Salted cashew nuts specifically.
Last year I went on a Candida diet for a month but could not maintain it. The only habit I retained was to stop drinking coffee. However when school started again I began having cup every now and again. I felt a strong urge to start drinking again but I have resisted letting it become a habit again.
I now have one cup a week at a coffee shop.

The ENT says my best line of defense is to improve my health avoid nuts and sugar. treat my pollen and grass allergic reactions immediately - might have to go onto cortisone if my allergic reaction is bad. I must have a hearing test once a year to monitor my hearing loss.

The next step is to get hearing aids.

Here is an interesting and scary article written by Sephen Levine, Ph. D. on Food Addiction, Food Allergy and Overweight