Monday, January 28, 2008

Tuesday Check-in

As you may have noticed I have not blogged for a while. Work has been hectic and my husband left for Ireland for 10days - to investigate possibly moving there in the future.

I have been feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed. Kept up the water drinking and light exercise. Did not implement my eating goals yet.

So whats the damage?
Sjoe 107.7kg - a point 0.1 loss. I am relieved that it did not increase. A crawl forward. Today I will pay more attention to my health goals. I will achieve more and cope better with stress if I exercise, eat well and feel healthy.

I have experience 2 days of insomnia. From past experience that can cause a spiral downwards. I must reverse that today. Between exercise, chamomile tea, lavender spray and a sleep CD I should be able to do it.


Hanlie said...

I also had a minute loss, which I'm attributing to all the exercise. It will be better next week, for both of us!

Funny, I normally don't have a problem sleeping, but these last few nights I've woken up and been unable to sleep again... Must be some changes taking place in my body!

Have a great week!

Grumpy Chair said...

Hope you can shake the insomnia. Losses, no matter how small or large, help add up to our weight loss goals.

Hopefully, your week will be less stressful.

Felicia said...

A loss is a loss no matter the size! Its the right direction to be going!!

Have a SUPER day!

Gill said...

Hang in there - you are having to cope with a lot at the moment with hubby away and big decisions to make, so it's brilliant that you are keeping so positive :-)