Thursday, January 24, 2008

Exercise in 4 parts and 4 day cycles

Today i needed a bit of breather so I decided that I would do some stretches and fidget.
I am glad to report that I have now exercised and 8 glasses of drank water for 8 days and I have cut out 100 calories from my diet for 4 days.

My next four day goal is to maintain the the exercise and water drinking habit and to cut a further 100 calories. To ensure I actually do cut out another 100 calories I plan to keep a food diary. I plan to use cronometer - CRON-O-Meter is free, open source, and cross-platform dieting software. Let's see how that goes.

Reward tonight: is a radox bubble bath by candlelight !

In Martha's book 4 Day Win she grades exercise into 4 parts.

(Oops - I have misplaced my book - will add in this info later in the meantime read the links below)

You can read an excerpt from the book - Edging your way into exercise: Here

I just discovered this today


Felicia said...

WOW soundsl ike you are doing GREAT!! Keep up the amazing work!

Have a SUPER day!

Hanlie said...

You are doing great! I like that you are also introducing changes gradually. I think it's better for the mind and the body!

Keep it up!