Monday, January 14, 2008

Wanted to give up

I felt very tempted to just delete this blog and to forget about even trying to change. It seemed to be easier the route. Just accept my weight and try to make myself look as good as possible.

I walked up the road with my daughter (6 years old) to drop off something by a friends house. Half way up the hill I said to my daughter " Why didn't we take the car?" - she told me that if she could drive she would have. When we got to the top I felt like my heart was going to stop.

On the way down I started to feel better and mentioned that maybe we should go to the beach later and go for a walk. She said we could leave at home.

I was very active as a child, and as a teenager you would have definitely put me into the category of outgoing and outdoorsy. Now I spend half my life in front of the computer or reading a book in bed. Even a few years ago I was still doing 5km walks, 1km open swims, camping and going plays etc.

So what am I going do? Sitting around, feel sorry for myself and eat chocolate. Well actually that is exactly I was doing. I was also surfing the internet for diet pills. At the back of my mind I keep hearing a voice you don't need to waste anymore money - you have a great diet advise book, a great cookbook (low GI), exercise videos and a walking route - a husband ready to support and a daughter who needs you to be a good example.

I redefined my surfing and came across this: Healthy You Challenge
I am thinking every Tuesday would take me into a new 4 Day Cycle so this could work out very nicely. Another support to my journey - actually interaction with others. Well I have sent in my e-mail to join up and Tomorrow I will continue........


Krissie said...

There will be a day when you climb that hill and laugh at the discomfort you felt today.

Just keep at it!

Cammy said...

I'm new to the Healthy You Challenge, too, and it's been a real energy-booster so far. From your entry, it looks like you have turned a corner and are ready to get moving in the right direction. Good for YOU!

Lauren said...

Nice to meet you through the Healthy You Challenge. I'm new to it. We can all do this together.

Julia (aka, the big fat forang) said...

Good on you for not giving up and good luck with the healthy you challenge (I just joined too). It is not easy - but the hard work is worthwhile.

When I get down and want to give up I try and visualise what I will look like at 65kg and then I think about buying a whole new wardrobe for a new me! That helps.

If 65kg is to far away to think about, try focusing on the halfway point.