Monday, April 7, 2008

Tuesday Check In Week 13

The moment of truth. I got on my friends scale again yesterday (mine is still missing) and I am afraid to report that last weeks weight gain (which I did not report) was not an April Fools joke.

In the two weeks that I lost my scale, wrote the itels exam and was dealing with my painful prolonged bleeding and cysts I gained all the weight back that I had lost since I signed up - 3,7kg.
Last weight was 109.7kg and yesterday 109.2 kg.

And though I feel tempted to get down on myself, I also feel good about myself. Its strange. I feel as though I have been through a mini-crisis and come out richer (hehehehe not in weight gain) .

I am not sure how to express but I have learned new things about life, supplements, food and myself. I don't feel despair and I like giving up.

Good news is that since I have been taking the natural supplements I have not had a menstrual cycle for almost two weeks. That is win for me. NON SCALE VICTORY -passed the the Itels exam and the application to Ireland is almost ready. Just waiting for a few original letters from Northern Ireland - the school, the pastor we will be renting from and my husband's employee to say he has been offered the job.


Hanlie said...

Well done for not letting the scale get you down. In the first place, one scale is vastly different from another and in the second place, my weight can vary by as much as 3 kg at various times of the day... which is why I always weigh first thing in the morning.

When you add healthy habits slowly, you will most likely not lose much in the beginning, but the beauty is that you will be gaining momentum. People who go on a diet by restricting calories, start off with a bang and lose momentum, which is really discouraging. You're in the best possible position here, Simone!

I hope you get everything you need for you move to Ireland soon. Have you ever been there?

Ready Maid said...

You've got some great things going on in your life right now, and I admire the way you're keeping things in perspective. As Hanlie said, the important thing is that you're making positive changes in a permanent way.

Keep us posted on the Ireland move.

Manuela said...

So sorry but I'm glad to hear that you didn't get down on yourself.

So, you might be going to Ireland? I went to the UK in 95 and LOVED it but didn't get to Ireland. Someday :)

Hang in there and take care of your health first!