Thursday, April 17, 2008

100 Things I like about myself

This is powerful technique I learned about in the beginning of the year.Tackle Any Issue With a List of 100 by Luciano Passuello.
With his permission I have been hosting swaps on Swap-bot doing the list he made.

This is what a view participants had to say:
"oh my gosh this was the hardest yet. I had such a hard time finishing my list. I was out of ideas at 50! I did manage to finish, just barely though. I think it may have boosted my self esteem a little."

"Being a bit of a pessimist and general sadsack I think this swap is just the thing to help me feel better about myself and life in general and look forward to sending my list out :)"

One of the participant's over to set up a blog for the swap: List of 100.

I started a little down today even after I went walking on the beach. Things are looking up now that I am going to do a List 100 - 100 Things That I have accomplished.

I have published some of my lists on my website: 100 Ways to Improve My Life

Here are the first 21 things I wrote about what I like about myself in no order of importance:

1) I like my hair

2) I like my calves

3) Good, healthy teeth

4) I like my confidence

5) Sense of humor

6) Sense of justice

7) Ability to empathize

8) Ability to listen

9) My helpfulness

10) Creativity

11) Ability to think on my feet

12) Resilience

13) I know a little about a lot of things

14) I am flexible, can adapt to various situations

15) Good acting skills

16) Poetic

17) Romantic

18) Good dancer

19) I don’t have many things that I regret doing.

20) Can be productive when I put my mind to it

21) I believe in God


Irish Mom said...

Awesome list!! Really makes you think great things about yourself, we don't do that enough!!