Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Exercise Galore

Taken on Saturday's walk by Rooi Els

I have now exercised for 4 days in a row. YAY
Saturday it was a walk in Rooi Els
Sunday - Taebo 2
Monday- 15min weights and stretching, 45 min walk in the mountains
Tuesday- 3km walk on Strand beach (sat a coffee shop after 1,5km)
Wednesday- 1 hr walk via the mountains and along the road.

Today I was not very excited about exercising. My body was sore and I can feel a blister on each big toe but my husband has promised me another foot massage.


Hanlie said...

Ah, I love Rooi Els! Yay for a foot massage! Well done on the exercise!

Ready Maid said...

I know plenty of folks who would intentionally GET blisters if it meant foot massage!! Congrats on your momentum. You rock!

Cammy said...

What a gorgeous trail! Amazing what we'll do for a foot massage!

Way to go with the exercise!