Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 4

Exercise today was running after children and picking up shells on the beach.

B: Shake with fruit
S: Herbal Tea
L: One low fat burger with egg and cheese and salad
S: Coffee
SP: 1 pita bread with tuna salad and a glass of orange juice

Water in take 5 glasses plus the tea make 6!

YAY that is a 4 Day WIN for me.


Get myself something nice for the bath either radox bath salts or oil.

Next 4 Days
Up my water and herbal intake by 2 to 8 glasses a day
Continue exercising - 2 aerobic days, one weight focus day and yoga/stretching day.
Ensure that I have 2 fruits and 2 veg servings everyday (Dietician recommended 3)
3-5 Protein servings
Going to see if I can keep the carb servings at 2-3.
Cut Dairy and coffee out
Continue to record what I am eating

REWARD: A Healthy You NSV badge next Tuesday.

If I get hungry I am going to try looking a the list of free food on Somersize plan or increase the protein.