Monday, February 25, 2008

Tuesday Weigh-in

Stayed the same this week at 105.5kg. I actually view this as a victory. I went on to progesterone and about 2 days later my menstrual cycle of 8 weeks finally stopped and my hunger did not.

Two things probably tipped in my favour. One I worked really hard at eating, drinking and exercising for the last to days to make up for over eating.

Also it may be that my body just needed some extra calories. I remember before I go married that I would always eat a bit more in a particular time of the month but it did not affect my weight. I have no idea if it really works that way but a number of other women I have spoken to said that they experience the same thing.

I have two more weeks on the progesterone so I will watch my eating even more carefully.

My four day goal this week is to record my meals until 3pm. and to increase the intensity of my exercise. 2 days moderate to high intensity, 1 day weights and 1 day a yoga type activity.

Starting TODAY.


CindyPTN said...

Way to stay focused and understand all that is going on with your body! Thank you for the positive comment, too!

DietMe said...

hi how are you i am new lady to the challenge looking for a buddy ..
i am same weight as you !