Thursday, February 28, 2008

Affirmation Video for the Virtual Book Tour

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We (Tara and I) are very excited that Simone is one of our Virtual Book Tour Hosts (thank you Simone). We are touring the virtual world promoting our recently released guided journal and companion meditation CD, Journal for the Modern Goddess.

Our Journal for the Modern Goddess is a beautiful hard covered, spiral bound writing journal that helps women uncovers the beautiful, unique and powerful Goddess that they really are.

She features inspirational quotes, guided questions, affirmations and lots of lined pages for journaling. The journal is divided into sections - Gratitude and Happiness; Moving Forward; Dreams and Visions; Journal Pages; Guided Meditation; and Sanctuaries and Sisterhood.

The companion guided meditation CD features 3 tracks that provide women with sacred journeys that inspire and encourage them to create positive life patterns. These tracks help them to recognise and invite magic, inspiration and loving energy into their lives.

As part of our stop we are providing Simone and her readers with a beautiful Affirmation Video because we believe affirmations can be used daily to bring more light, love and happiness into your life.



Nicole Graham and Tara Spicer are currently on a virtual book tour promoting their recently released writing journal, Journal for the Modern Goddess.

The journal and companion meditation CD retails for $34.95 AUD including GST.

To view or purchase the journal, please visit Nicole and Tara’s website, Journals for Empowerment. Please click on the banner below:-

Journals for Empowerment


Lillian said...

Gorgeous video. Highly recommended. I love your philosophy of having 4 day goals. It takes the pressure off of making healthy changes. The US government has a small step program with a hundred ideas to make small changes in your life.

I write about the small steps I take to improve my health at my blog.

Keep looking ahead and making small steps to a healthier you.