Saturday, February 16, 2008

Moving forward slowly

Yesterday I went for a lovely walk along the the mountains and coastline. My husband was bird watching.

Exercise and water have become part of my lifestyle now. I crave it.

This week I need to choose another goal that I can "attach" with 4 Day cycles.

Wonder what should that be?? I have not been able to maintain keeping a diary or cutting 100 calories per day. The key is to make it ridiculously simple - so here i go.

For the next 4 Day I will record my breakfast on this blog!!!

Have a great week.


Hanlie said...

I like how you're always adding something!

We have had a few incidents of load shedding, but not recently. As for water, we've had no problems. Don't tell me we are in for water supply problems, because then I'm going to flip. Being without electricity for a short while is one thing, but water is non-negotiable.

Bev said...

Good luck on your 4 day goal! ; )