Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing Scale

Today I really looked for my scale and it was nowhere to be found. I beginning to suspect foul play but it is not the 1 April.

I have arranged to weigh myself at friends tomorrow morning.

Drank 4 glasses of water today

Did 20-25min if yoga. Felt good afterwards. Did not feel so while I was doing it - I could not do all the poses. Not sure if it is just my weight that is in the way or if I have become less flexible.

Tomorrow I intend on doing some aerobics.

Eating was going well until my husband brought some hotcross buns...........

One of my 4 goals that I have not yet completed is recording what I eat. So goes my next try. Please note that this is not a particular diet but what I actually ate.

M: Glass of water
B: 1/2 Pronutro and 1/2 glass of milk
S: herbal tea and Homemade Low GI Jam tart
L: 2 Burghers and salad
Herbal and more water
S: 2 Hotcross buns with Real Butter and a glass of milk
SP: 2 rolls with cheese ( I gave my family fish, salad and green peas - but I just did not feel like eating that)

I started of the morning with good intentions but as the day progressed I made unwise choices.

The focus this week is to add in good things - not to focus on what I should stop doing.

So tomorrow it is going to be important for me to have at least one fruit and 1/2 veggies and 2-4 more glasses of water/herbal tea.


Michelle said...

My last yoga class was the instructor, an ex professional ballerina, and me. Ha ha! That was a tough class. It was only my 4th one and boy she pushed us. I love yoga though.

Keep up the hard work!

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