Friday, March 7, 2008

International Womens Day

This got me thinking about celebrating who I am no matter my weight. Self-acceptance and self-love, a positive self-esteem etc. are better arsenal in your attach on the fat. This is something I know but have not necessarily truly accepted and owned for myself.

I think most of us believe that we have to hate ourselves or least our fat in order to stay motivated to get rid of it. Well 8 eight years of battling with my weight and health have shown me that this does not work. Last year I decided to accept the fact that I am this weight and I still deserve to look and feel good. So I bought myself a new work wardrobe. I went off the anti-depressants as well. One year later and I have managed to get myself out of dark points without medication.
This year I decided to add on to my new wardrobe and it has given me confidence to face my challenges.

My health challenges have continued and my weightloss has been slow. But with help and encouragement from my friends, my on-line friends and myself, I am able to hold my head high, enjoy my journey and keep moving.
Thank you to the women of the Healthy You Challenge for your support and inspiration.

Womens Day is a celebrated as a public holiday on the 9 August in South Africa. Its today the 8 March is celebrated in other places of the world.

"Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History" Laurel Thatcher (Harvard historian )

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