Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan for the next 4 Days

B - Breakfast, L- Lunch and S - Supper

Snacks: herbal tea (no sugar or milk), fruit and lots of water !!


B- Oats with Sunflower seeds and milk ( must admit that I put a tsp of sugar)
L- Salad & 2 slices of Bread
S - Potato & Beans curry with tortillas, Peas and Salad


B- Oats / Cheerios
L- Homemade Lentil Burghers with Bread and salad
S- Soup & Bread


B- Oats / Cheerios
L- Veggie Hotdog & Bake Beans with Toast & Salad
S- Split pea curry with rice (Bread for me as I don't eat rice unless its Breyani)


B- Oats / Cheerios
L- Banana on toast (using flora low fat margerine - not ready to leave just yet one small step at a time)
S- Soup & Bread