Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh-In 2 and Confessions

I almost forgot that today was my weigh in day.

Happy to report that I down to 113,5 kg - YAY that is a lost of 1.5kg.

Confession - on Sunday I had KFC for dinner. The reason was circumstances we went for a walk in the mountains - up to the first contour. Then decided to visit an old lady and that took longer than we expected. With two hungry children and very little money we took the easy way out.
When we were driving to our walk I thought i was silly not take any snacks.provisions with us.
Next time I will be prepared!!


DramaticPassion said...

Ok..I understand how that happens especailly since cheap happens to be a fav of mine right now. I saw that you have a wieght in day...that's a great idea but if you read a few of my post (wink wink) u will see I'm broke.(without a lot of cash) so I kinda just guessamate my size. Do you think a scale is worth the cash in my case?

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