Monday, January 25, 2010

The Scales

Life is all about balance. My mom's favourite words to me were: Simone you need to find a happy medium. Her way of telling not to take things to their extreme.

When it comes to using the scale to weigh myself that is one thing I have great balance with. I only do it once a week. Now I like numbers I like working things out. Whenever I begin to make some healthy changes i start calculating the possibilities. Up until now in last ten years it has gotten me no where.
I see the scales as a little blankie for some odd reason they give a little comfort. I know I can use a measuring tape - waist measurement is a good way to measure weight loss and an important figure (88cm is apparently what we should aim to get down to). But as soon as I got a little extra money I bought a scale - LOL.

There are pros and cons.
if you can't resist getting on everyday , then I say follow the dietician's recommendation and get rid of your scale.
If you don't have money - don't bother - use a measuring tape instead.

I have a challenge. My husband is away for two weeks. I am on my own and need to stay motivated. I have a head cold and a daughter to look after. Easy to slip into doing things the easy way.
Yesterday I had to get our camera after dropping my husband at the airport but the shop was still closed. tesco was closed - only KFC and M was opened. so We went to Mac Donalds - I had the vegetarian meal with orange juice. Hows that for a balancing act - LOL


DramaticPassion said...

1st good job with M.Ds I stay away because my will power hasn't reached that level yet. Thanks for the advice a tape measure is better I thought about how much I would be on it. I did get my weight though and..I was unhappy. I'm still trying though 3 pounds off is the goal of the month.