Monday, January 11, 2010

Jump Start Report

About a month ago my husband and I did the JumpStart of the CHIP program.
Felt a bit hungry for the first two days and then it went well.
I was very proud of myself for giving up sugar and coffee for the week.
I know that I can do it.
However I am sad to report that we left things slip back to normal on that front. I didn't however feel the need to pig-out and I just decided to do more preparation for change.
Now that the time has arrive to implement some of the principles of have learned reading through the CHIP program.
I want to make a more permanent change this time. I feel that i have grown up knowing most of the right principles but always fallen short at implementation for various reasons.
The one thing that has attracted me to this program is the inclusion of bread. Bread is a staple in my diet. I have succeeded in reducing the amount (quantity) bread I eat but to almost completely cut it is extremely difficult for me.

You will notice that my menu plan for this week is totally vegetarian. I know and understand the merits of a vegetarian diet. I have always seen it as a good idea and once did it for 6 months until I was in an area where it became difficult. So I am yet to make a full commitment to a vegetarian way of life.
Coffee is another area in my life where I am not sure I can say that I am at the point of never drinking it.
So I am going to live with those two things as grey areas.

Tuesday will be my weigh in day.