Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Exercise Meme

Can you list 100 Reasons to exercise?

Tackle Any Issue with List of 100

I challenge you to list to post a list on 100 benefits/reasons to exercise.

Leave a comment to let me know when you have done it.

Mary Anne Shearer - 100 Days to Health

Day 38

Without exercise your program is not likely to work as well. Exercise regulates at least 18 different hormones and hundreds of chemical reactions.


Hanlie said...

I know. Sigh. I'm just not being very good to myself right now.

Ready Maid said...

Great idea about listing 100 things!

Shadow said...

hiya! i got a german pointer and he demands a lot of exercise. so i started walking him. great exercise, fresh air, and with him it's speed walking too, so great cardio. and in winter when it's too cold, i've got a mini trampoline. and i bounce for 25 minutes, about as long as the walks take. why? great toning, i get rid of anger, you look better after doing it for a while and there must be others... how? just go do it without thinking about it. one day at a time. works for me. give it a shot, it's rewarding.