Monday, May 19, 2008



My main goal in the next two months is not to stress eat. Yesterday I managed to drink herbal tea and water everytime I thought of getting a coke or a packet of chips.

When I mark test and exams it really gets bad. I just want to comfort eat. The past month I have put back the weight I lost so I am now 109kg AGAIN. Hopeful when I return to blogging I will have maintain the weight or lost some.

I am not managing to keep up with everything in my life. So I need to scale down on a few things until my move to Ireland is complete and my family is settled. This blog and my website are two of things I will taking a break from.

I will continue posting updates on my move and a bit of this and that on my other blog:
Simone's Butterfly.


Anonymous said...

Boa sorte!

Ready Maid said...

(Frown) We will miss you while you're moving, but will be ready to welcome you back once things have settled down.

Best wishes!