Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 Minute Indoor Walking Exercise Plan

10 Minute Indoor Walking Exercise Plan

This was in First Mag..Feb. 12th..I think it's a great easy to do plan..They recommend that you do this 3 times a day..because you will lose 18 percent more weight and burn more fat than doing a 30 minute session.

Here goes:

STEP 1: March in place (1 minute). Start slow, but aim for a pace of 120 steps per minute when you do this for steps 2-4.

STEP 2: Side Steps (1 minute). With your right foot, step to the right and bring your left foot over to meet your right foot. Then do the same with the left foot.
This slims your hips!!

STEP 3: Alternating Kicks (1 minute). Keeping your back straight, kick your left leg straight out, raising it no higher than your hip. Alternate with right leg. This tones your thighs!!

STEP 4: Knee Lifts (1 minute). Lift your left knee to just above waist level pulling your navel in toward your spine. Do the right knee..
This helps sculpt the tummy while toning the legs.

STEP 5: Fast march and press (90 seconds). Repeat Step 1, but increase your pace to 130 steps per minute and add this upper body exercise:
Raise and pump your arms above your head for 15 reps, then pump your arms down by your side for 15 reps.

STEP 6: Speedy side steps (90 seconds). Repeat Step 2, adding this move:
Raise your hands above your heads when you step out..and clap them above
your head when you step in.

STEP 7: Quick kick and reach (90 seconds). Repeat Step 3, adding this upper body move: When kicking your left leg, reach forward with your right
arm, and when kicking your right leg, reach forward with your left arm.

STEP 8: Repeat Step 4, adding this move: As you bring your left knee up, touch it with your right hand, and the reverse.
This trims your waistline..

Leslie Sansone designed this 10 minute exercise session..


Scale Junkie said...

I love the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVD's that I have, this is a great workout. I wonder if I could mix up music in 90 second and 1 minute bursts so I know when to change the movement? Hmmmmm I love a good project.