Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project 36 - 4 Days at a time

Tomorrow I begin to implement my wellness vision.

I have decided to call it Project 36 (which means it will last for 5 weeks and a bit - 9 increments of 4 days).

My goal for the next 4 days:

- Get up at 6am
- Spend 20min doing visualization and relaxation exercise
- 5-10 min reading something spiritually engaging
- 10min Journaling
- 10min planning the rest of the day
-10-30min exercising
- Drink 4 glasses of water

REWARD: Buy a hair mask - treat myself to face and hair mask treatment.

NEXT WEEKS REWARD:claim the free pedicure my beautician friend promised

My weight has slipped back up to 110.4 kg according to the new scale that I have bought.


conanima said...

Thanks for your comment and i like to share my link.

Claudelle's Weight Challenge said...

Sounds like a good plan, how has it been going?

Hey I'm tagging you. Go to my site In bold you will see kinda questions I asked myself, copy and paste. Remove my answers and add your own. Enjoy and can't wait to read it.

Coffee - Cheers here is to us.

Claudelle's Weight Challenge said...

Sorry I mean caps.

Panama offshore services said...

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