Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Need to Lose to Win

Well all this walking is starting to pay off - I have lost 2 kg.

Today is a rainy day - so I will do the indoor walking exercise.

Poem about Weight Loss by jen4sexx2

I hit the ground
and I turned my life around
I used to be fat
now the guys think I'm all that

Yes, I did defeat it
but sadly there's no secret
it took a lot of work
(not tryin' to be a jerk)

Yes, bad genes suck,
I know 'cause I have them too,
But don't let your bad luck
get the best of you

'Cause I ate a healthy diet,
you should really try it
I worked out every day
now my hotness' here to stay,

And, yeah, it was hard,
but I got rid of my lard,
And the guys all think I'm hot
when I show up at their yacht,

I lost the weight,
and you can do it too,
and have a fun date,
'cause I am here for you!

If we work together
in any type of weather
We can both win,
We can both be super thin!


Claudelle's Weight Challenge said...

Well done, keep up the great work. We will get there.