Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Maintain my wait measurement at 112cm.

Had a bad few days eating wise - did exercise.

Mentally - not doing so good - can't understand why each time that I start making progress I seem to sabotage myself.

Need to some introspection but not allow myself to in wallow in self-pity.


Hanlie said...

Hang in there! You are worth the effort!

Monica said...

Hi Simon!

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Hope to hear from you soon!

Monica Wong

Anonymous said...

Stay strong. I too would sabotage myself at the beginning. The changes were making people notice & taking me out of my comfort zone. One day at a time!

sybil said...

Introspection time is good - try to schedule yourself some time to really get in touch with why you want to spend the time and effort to become fit and healthy. Maybe make a date for yourself to spend some time in reflection/introspection?

I'm not sure if you're the kind of person who occasionally wants/needs a 'kick in the butt' but there is a guy that always helps to keep me on the straight and narrow but he can be a bit rough/brutal. Check out www.craigharper.com. He's an Australian who really tells it like it is. If your sensitive/fragile by nature though - you may not like him.