Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weigh In # 6

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Progress Report.

Starting Weight: 111kg/244.7 lbs

Current Weight: 108.2kg/238.5 lbs Total loss so far: 2.8kg/6.2lbs

Target Weight: 65kg/143.3lbs

I am very pleased with myself. And to celebrate I walked 3miles/almost 5km in 1hr05 along the Scarva Centre path.

I have succeeded at exercising and eating more veggies. I have also done my visualisation exercises and motivational reading.
I need to work on water-in take and cutting out junk food.

Next 4 Days:
5 glasses of water (managing between 2 and 4 glasses - aiming for 8)
No eating out (make my own meals - will be good on my budget as well)
Maintain 25min visualisation exercise
Reading 42 Day Challenge motivational readings
20-30min Exercise
Do something positive/kind for someone else

Motivational reading from the internet:

Eating Your Way Thin

Cheating On A Diet: Avoid The Tailspin!

posted @8:00am ET on September 2, 2008


Scale Junkie said...

Wooohhooo!!! WTG Simone! Congrats on 5 pounds gone forever!